Hero Textil AG is a textile company in Crailsheim and main sponsor of SEAD e.V. In their fully integrated domestic production they manufacture knitted inserts for workwear and outdoor clothing. Without exception, the company processes yarns of EU origin and Oeko-Tex® certification. For almost 40 years, they have been combining handcraft and high-tech supply to 42 customers worldwide. Hero Textil stands for quality, flexibility and service.

We are very happy that with Hero Textil we have found a sponsor who not only supports the work of the association and its projects, but also promotes personal relationships and the involvement of the association members locally. Through this cooperation, the personnel manager of Hero Textil was able to visit the Good Shepherd Home this year with our club president who was able to demonstrate the situation on site (the manager’s report can be found on our blog). Through regular project visits our projects remain transparent so we can develop them better together.

That’s why we are very grateful for having Hero Textil as a strong partner beside us!