Pig breeding

Pig breeding

Among the various animal species, pig breeding in Cameroon is one of the most important sources of meat production, second only to the broilers. Traditionally, it was one of the most important occupations in the northwest of Cameroon. Today it is an integral part of the commercial market. Pig breeding for meat production and the sale of piglets is very profitable, which is why the Good Shepherd Home also invests in pigs and piglets.

Currently there are 40 piglets and 6 pigs, all of which are located on the Good Shepherd property. For this purpose, the older boys themselves have built a barn that will be further expanded to accommodate more pigs and piglets. Our two club members, Dickson and Kevin, have been significantly involved in this project. They are responsible for the supply and sale of the pigs. At the moment they are working on expanding the pig breeding and making it more profitable and efficient. The demand for pork is present in Bamenda and the Good Shepherd Home is already cooperating with a small butchery that has become a regular customer.

SEAD wants to support this pig breeding and contribute new pigs, piglets and money for pig feed. The feed for the pigs is produced and mixed by the older boys themselves at the Good Shepherd Home to save costs. In the long-term, money from these projects can flow into other self-sufficiency projects.




Project costs:

  • 1 piglet: 75 €
  • 1 pig: 175 €
  • 1 feed bag: 25 €