Rabbit breeding

Rabbit breeding

Rabbit breeding is one of the latest projects at Good Shepherd Home. One of the older boys in the orphanage started breeding two rabbits two years ago and soon after had a small rabbit family.

A large rabbit can be sold in Cameroon for 10€-15€. That is a lot of money considering that the average monthly income in Cameroon is 40€. Rabbits are also easy to keep and do not need expensive food. Several of the older boys realized the potential profit and invested in more rabbits. In total there are now 60 rabbits and nearly every older boy at Good Shepherd Home has his own rabbit farm. Since the rabbits need regular care and there is not always time for it, the smaller children are assigned to take care of the rabbits. As a reward they get their first own rabbit from the older ones so the children can start their own small business at the age of 8 years.

SEAD would like to support rabbit breeding and ensure that each of the young children can own a rabbit. This way they can learn at a very early age to take responsibility in the field of animal husbandry and earn their own pocket money.


Project costs:

  • 1 little rabbit = 5€